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custom blended foundation

Our custom blended foundations service delivers you a superior foundation designed 100% for your skin. During our initial 45-60 minute service, one of our makeup artists will work with your skin to create a custom blended foundation designed specifically around your complexion, tone, and desired outcomes! After this first visit, you leave with customized creation in hand while our team keeps a copy of your recipe on file.

Custom foundation can be refilled with a quick call ahead of time. By the time you arrive at THE LOOK Salon & Med Spa, one of our makeup artists will have the exact recipe ready for your immediate use. Our custom blended foundations are designed to enhance your natural beauty while saving you time.

custom cosmetics


Custom Cosmetics is a full line of custom-blended and ready to wear cosmetics.

FLAUNT YOU! Custom Cosmetic line guarantees a 100% match for your skin tone and texture. This makeup is suitable for all skin types and conditions covering your needs from normal makeup application to pigmentations or camouflage.

Eliminate the frustration, time, and expense of trying to match your skin to off-the-shelf products. Your skin is constantly changing.  What worked several months ago may not work today. FLAUNT YOU! Custom Cosmetic provides you custom-blended foundations that change with you.

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flaunt you


Our licensed skincare professionals will analyze your skin and preferences to custom-make a foundation that not only perfectly matches your skin tone, but it will also match your lifestyle.

Since all makeup is custom designed. The benefits are even greater. You get extra: extra sun protection, BB cream, CC cream, oil control, pearl-essence, primer, thinner, coverage enhancer, hydration, extra moisture, or corrective skin care in your foundation.


All ingredients are the highest possible quality, so your custom-made foundation is good for your skin and not just a cover-up. Our team can guarantee all ingredients are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

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