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Dermaplaning uses a small sharp blade to scrape over the surface of the skin.

It is the gentlest treatment for effectively removing up to three weeks worth of dead skin cells.


HOW dermaplaning

With dermaplaning, you remove all of the peach fuzz called vellus. Gently scraping the top layer of skin cells results in a cleaner face. Removing dead skin cells allows the face to absorb skin care products more.

Dermaplanng gives the face a more even color, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce or eliminate enlarged pores, and reduces the appearance of acne scarring.

what is the result?

Dermaplaning removes three weeks worth of dead skin cells.

Removing hair, dead skin cells and surface oil allows the skin to glow.

If you wear makeup, you use less and the effect is a smoother and the pores smaller.

You’ll see long term improvement that really lasts when you complete a series of treatments as recommended by our skin care professionals.

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