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THE LOOK Salon and Med Spa provides our clients with a simple, time-effective, and long-lasting teeth whitening solution.


With our teeth whitening process requiring only 40 minutes, clients do not have to avoid foods or drinks with high pigment afterward, this service can be completed during your lunch or packaged with many of our other great services.

Female white toothy smile


The process begins with a simple cotton swab pre-loaded with liquid Vitamin E that helps decrease sensitivity to the gums. From there, our technicians apply the BleachBright specialized peroxide gels. Our team then applies a BB-Cool Advanced III Light for 15 minutes using the light and gel to whiten the teeth. We quickly remove the gels for another round of Vitamin E swabs. The last step is a tray of Bluminerals™ enamel boosting gel with another session of light again applied for 15 minutes. This last gel seals the pores of your teeth to ensure the whitening process holds.


Thanks to the advanced processes of Teeth Whitening, our clients do not need to avoid foods or drinks with high pigment, meaning it is possible to drink things like coffee or red wine on the same day. Our process is perfect for ensuring whitened teeth with the convenience of time and avoiding any changes to their daily habits.

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