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chemical peels

 THE LOOK Salon & Med Spa offers a variety of chemical peels built to enhance the natural health and beauty of your skin. Chemical Peels are ideal for resurfacing the skin, diminishing fine lines, and helping acne-prone skin. 

All our chemical peels options are custom selected based on your existing skin condition while offering the maximum benefit to your natural beauty. Book a chemical peel appointment or come in for a consultation to figure out the best service for your skin.


HOW chemical peels

There are various types of chemical peels with different results that activate and stimulate the skin:

  • Light chemical peels lightly exfoliate the skin and results in a brighter, fresher appearance of the skin.

  • A medium chemical peel goes deeper in the surface of the skin. It has a downtime where the skin is flakey and crusty before the new skin appears.

  • A heavy chemical peel penetrates the skin’s surface more and helps with age spots and fine lines.


what is the result?

This can help minimize wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. It may also help skin disorders like acne and rosacea. However, a chemical peel can’t treat deep wrinkles and scarring. It also won’t tighten loose skin or reverse sun damage.

Depending on the strength and the frequency of a chemical peel, it can have long lasting effects. 



Acne, Rosacea, Aging and fine wrinkles, Rough or pre-cancerous skin, and Age spots

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